FEVO Mastercard Art Competition


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Awards and Recognition
  • First Place Winner
  • Second Place Winner

FEVO Card was a line of payment cards from one of Singapore’s leading contactless payment providers, EZ-Link. These cards, which came in many colorful designs, were used as both a payment method for public transport all over the country and as a prepaid Mastercard for making online or offline purchases worldwide.

While studying for my Bachelor’s Degree at Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore in 2016, I took part in the FEVO Card Art Competition. The brief was to create one or more designs based on three themes to choose from (Doodle Frenzy, Vintage Photos, and Charcoal Paintings).

The five designs with the most likes on Facebook would win the competition. The winners would not only receive FEVO cards with S$200 preloaded but would also have their designs printed on FEVO cards to be sold online.


Shoutout to All You Kids...

Because prepaid credit cards are marketed toward the younger crowd, choosing the Doodle Frenzy category was a no-brainer. The submitted entries capture the euphoric and carefree nature of being young in a beautifully chaotic way.


Excerpts from “This Is How We Do” by Katy Perry music video (YouTube / Capitol Records)

With Tumblr culture and scenes from the music video for Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do” (2013) serving as the base inspiration, these depict either food, fashion accessories, or tech gadgets floating in the air as if they were thrown in zero-gravity, pastel-colored environments.

Special Thanks

To Terrence Chong (Assistant Programme Director for Visual Communications at Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore) and to Simonne Mcintyre (Senior Executive for Marketing at EZ-Link, 2016-2019).